Email Marketing

email-marketing-4£160 Email Marketing Design

A typical cost for designing a MailChimp Email Template is £160. More complex designs will cost a little more. We also provide Email Broadcast services using the market-leading MailChimp platform – contact us for a fixed price for your project.

We can also provide an image creation service for £80. More…

The pitfalls of Email Marketing

• 50% of prospects block email images
• Most prospects trash emails based on the subject line
• Most emails are too long
• 50% of prospects read emails on a smartphone
• Most emails are not optimised for a smartphone

Overcome the pitfalls with our approach to Email Marketing

• We use MailChimp which has many ISP relationships
• We use eye-catching but straightforward designs
• We use plenty of click-throughs
• We do not rely heavily on images
• We use “responsive” templates which resize